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Oh dear, it looks like this session has expired! Don’t worry, though – you can still watch it in the Thriving Creatives LAB.
You’ll get access not only to this session but all the rest of the Accelerate Your Creative Biz sessions too!
On top of that, you’ll also have sales opportunities for your products or services through the Thriving Creatives LAB shop, a fantastic community of fellow creative entrepreneurs, AND more resources to help you grow your business. This is just the beginning of your journey to creative business growth!
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Not a creative entrepreneur? NO PROBLEM

You can still access just the sessions that matter most to you. You can purchase access to ten of the summit sessions (don’t worry – YOU get to choose which ones!) for just $69.

Quick note: The price will go up to $89 on May 2, so act quickly if you want the best deal!


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