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Huge shout out to Jenn at The CE L.A.B.! When we talked today, she offered me some amazing advice and I feel like I’m finally on a direct path. I needed help with the perspective of my business. (Hey, we’re great at helping others but are too invested in our own businesses sometimes to see what we need!)

Jenn helped weed through my ideas, come up with a plan and realize an idea I had been holding onto didn’t speak to my audience and was holding me back. She gave me more value in that call than any of the coaches I’ve worked with. Just wanted to shout out to her with a big thanks!

Jen Williams

Growth Hacker, Jen Williams Admin

Customized Launch Strategy

Personalized Content and Copy

Unlock Your Launch Success!

Product Launch

Get everything you need for a successful product launch! From product branding to marketing campaigns, you’ll have the support and resources you need to bring your new offering to your audience with a BANG. Check out the Product Launch package below!


Starting a business can be scary and overwhelming. With the CE L.A.B. team behind you, though, you’ll have the confidence you need to bring your passion and expertise to life and launch your business like a pro! Just grab the Business Launch package below.

Product Launch

  • Branding elements
  • Landing page design and copy
  • Social campaigns (2 platforms)
  • Email funnel
  • Launch support (add-on)
  • Paid advertising support (add-on)
  • Public speaking coaching (add-on)
  • Content creation (add-on)
  • Course or product setup (add-on)

Product Launch packages start at $4,000

Business Launch

  • Logo design
  • Website implementation
  • Strategy sessions (2 sessions)
  • Email marketing setup
  • SEO strategy
  • Graphics templates
  • Social Media strategy
  • Blog and/or email content (add-on)
  • Paid advertising support (add-on)
  • Public speaking coaching (add-on)
  • Copywriting (add-on)

Business Launch packages start at $4,000

Create Your Own

CYO Packages:

If you’re not sure what you want or if you need more than the basic Product or Business Launch packages, we’ve got your back!

Create your own package to suit your needs. Not even sure what you need for your launch? We can help you formulate the right package for YOU!

Get the power of The CE L.A.B. behind your business and let’s make this launch a success!

CYO packages start at $100

Hey, I’m Jenn! I’m the founder of the CE LAB

At the Creative Entrepreneurs LAB, business jargon is translated for you and your fellow creatives. Our philosophy is that you don’t need an MBA to run a business! (Honestly, you don’t even need a college degree at all.)

You can Learn, Amplify, and Build your business to reach your dreams!

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