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Unit 25 is all about community and support, and one of the ways we foster that is by hosting a collaborative blog. This spreads the Unit 25 community to different networks and engages our Unit family by sharing and supporting their work. We’d love to highlight your expertise, and maybe even include you as a regular writer!  Please check out the guest post guidelines below and then fill out the guest post pitch form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Suggested Topics

Our main topics include:

  • Business Growth (includes financial planning, creating community, scaling up, etc.)
  • Business Framework (includes short- and long-term planning, prioritization, systems, etc.)
  • Marketing (includes social media, sales, local and online marketing, PR, content strategy, etc.)
  • Starting a Business (includes freelancing, side hustles, legal, clients, branding, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset (includes mental health, money mindset, empowerment, etc.)

Anything else that you think would be of interest to the Unit 25 community is also fair game! Take a look around the blog to get an idea of our target audience’s favorite topics.

We do NOT accept:

  • Topics not relating to business
  • Content that is not original (i.e. has been published somewhere else already)
  • Violates any copyright laws, both on images and content! (If an image is covered under Creative Commons or is allowed with attribution, that’s fine, but don’t just pull something off of Google.)


Pitch Guidelines

Here’s what you should send to [email protected] in order to pitch a guest post:

  • At least one topic – maximum of four potential topics, please!
    • Bullet points of the main points for each topic, so that it’s clear what you’ll be covering in the post(s)
  • Make sure that your proposed topic(s) is something that you can write at least 750 words about, as this is the minimum blog post length
  • Include a link to your blog. If you don’t have a blog (e.g. if you’re an Etsy shop owner), include a link to your business and send examples of your writing or other guest posts
  • If a proposed topic is being submitted as support for an upcoming product launch, please specify this in your pitch. We’re not averse to this, but if our publication schedule doesn’t match your launch schedule, or if we can’t advocate the product for some reason, this will help both parties
  • If you have ideas for content upgrades/opt-ins for your proposed topic(s), definitely include those! We love content upgrades, and so do our readers

Please remember that we cannot accept every proposed guest post. We wish we could, but it’s just not possible! If your pitch is not accepted, we encourage you to keep refining your writing style and skill, and you’re welcome to pitch again soon.

Submission Guidelines

Once your pitch is accepted, you’ll want to make sure it meets these guidelines. They’re nothing you wouldn’t do for your own blog, so you probably won’t have a problem – yay!

  • Come up with a few headline options and include them. If you’re struggling, CoSchedule has a good tool that can help you
  • Use those bullet points that you submitted in your pitch to break up your post and make it more readable. You can even break it down into further subheadings!
  • Keep paragraphs readable: 2-4 sentences per paragraph is usually a good rule of thumb
  • PROOFREAD! If your post would not receive a (reasonable) English professor’s approval or meet the quality of existing Unit 25 blog posts, it will probably be rejected
  • You’re allowed to link back to your own blog if it is relevant. Any excessive and/or irrelevant backlinks will result in rejection, though
    • Including backlinks to existing Unit 25 posts is always encouraged too, along with backlinks to other relevant, quality sites. This helps your post get seen by search engines and thus readers!
  • Relevant images are strongly encouraged. Mark where they should go in the document with [INSERT FILENAME IMAGE HERE] and attach the images themselves to your submission email
  • Don’t forget to send a short bio about yourself, along with a photo of yourself (300px by 300px, either round or square). You can include a link to your blog and up to 3 social media links in the bio too
  • Submit your post via Google Drive (make sure you send a shareable link!) or attach a .doc or .docx file (Open Office and similar programs can save these file extensions)

If there are any edits or changes that are needed before your submission can be accepted, but it is otherwise acceptable, we’ll let you know so that you can resubmit.

After you submission is accepted

  • We will let you know what date your post will be published. Likely we’ve already discussed potential publication dates after your pitch, but this will be the official date
  • When the post is published, we will send you the URL
  • You will be expected to check the post for the first couple of days after publication and reply to comments. This is crucial, as Unit 25 is built on community, and relationships are built on communication, right?
  • You will also be expected to share your post on social media and, while not required, it’s encouraged that you also share it with your email list. Otherwise, your own followers may miss out on some great content from you!

That’s about it! We look forward to working with you!

Guest Post Pitch

10 + 8 =

Upcoming topics

If you submit a pitch based around these topics, it will be more likely to be accepted. We do accept pitches for additional articles, to be published outside of the main topic for the month, but not all will necessarily be accepted. We look forward to seeing your guest post pitches!

  • January 2018: New Year (creating firm foundations in your business)
  • February 2018: Love What You Do (getting back to the Why of What you do in business)
  • More coming soon!
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