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Who ever said that being an entrepreneur is easy? I mean, we often work from home, take bathroom/snack/nap breaks pretty much whenever we want, hang out with our pets (or not) all day, and work with some pretty darn awesome clients and colleagues. Yeah, it’s really awful being an entrepreneur. I hate so many things about it!

Being an entrepreneur ain't easy! We have so many plates to juggle and hats to wear. I hate being an entrepreneur - I make my own schedule, set my own salary, and run my own life. It's SO awful! ;) Why do you 'hate' being an entrepreneur? | startup, entrepreneurship, small business, creative entrepreneur, small business owner, small biz, biz tips, entrepreneurship funnies, self-employment, business, laugh, bossbabe, girlboss

7 Reasons Why I Hate Being an Entrepreneur:

I end up wearing whatever clothes I feel like

I hate that I’m not required to dress up for work anymore. No more scrubs from when I worked in the hospital pharmacy; no more slacks (or – heaven forbid – SKIRTS) and blouses that always ride up from my office days. Nope, now I just wear jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts… whatever I happen to pull out of the drawer today. Who wants that?

Oh, the worst thing: I sometimes end up wearing the same thing two days in a row. And the only people who notice are my husband and dogs! (Okay, that’s actually probably a lie. I don’t think any of them notice.)

I’m now my dogs’ servant

Speaking of my dogs, they now think that I’m at their beck and call. Instead of them being crazy excited to see me when I come home at the end of the day, now they’re excited to see me nearly 24/7. Who needs that kind of unconditional love and lowered blood pressure from puppy petting? Not this dog girl, clearly.

I no longer wear makeup

Okay, I didn’t really wear that much makeup at a lot of my jobs (what night owl can put on makeup at 4:30 am?), but still. As an entrepreneur, I usually only see people on video calls or the occasional in-person networking event. So why stab your eye out with the mascara wand if no one’s going to care?

Well, it used to be because everyone thought that I was 15 or 16 at work. (Not even joking: I routinely got asked if I was old enough to work nearly every job I’ve ever held.) Now that I’m an entrepreneur and I’m not working under someone else, clients don’t seem to care if I look more than a decade younger than I am. So I guess that’s also a gripe about entrepreneurship: my perceived age no longer seems to hold me back very much. I mean, c’mon, I just want to still be able to get the kids’ menu while on a client lunch meeting!

I have to set my own schedule

For someone who has never fit very well into ‘traditional’ work schedules, this one is a real drag. Getting up at what some would consider a reasonable time (5 or 6 am; just shoot me now) is a thing of the past.

Do I know I should get up at before 8 am? Probably.

Do I actually get up at 6 or 7? Usually not.

Granted, I really should consider getting up when my husband gets up for work, but often my mind has been pouring over business ideas before I fall asleep, so I’ll blame my late rising on lack of sleep due to my business. That’s legitimate, right?

Clients that are a pain in the butt can go jump in a hole

There aren’t an abundance of these types of clients, but firing a client is not much fun. Sometimes they just aren’t a good fit and you have to refer them to a great friend who might work out better. Sometimes they’re just awful to work with and you wouldn’t wish them on your worst enemy, though, and you have to let them go gently.

Not having to work with these clients ever again is the pits. I mean, it’s not like you ever fire your boss, right? So none of us really come into entrepreneurship with the experience to properly fire a client! You have to agonize over how to do it and ponder what your life will be like after they’re gone from your project schedule. You mean I won’t get five emails asking the same thing or never receive an email with the information we need to actually start the project? Rats.

There’s no income limit anymore

I have to tell you, knowing that there’s only so far I could advance in my previous jobs was a huge motivator. Salary cap with a measly ‘bonus’ each year that’s supposed to make up for the cap? LOVE IT.

Now that I’m an entrepreneur, I no longer have that income ceiling to look forward to. Who wants to work with the knowledge that they can increase their own salary when they merit it? That’s not even a factor in why we pursue entrepreneurship, after all…

But the biggest reason: I’m not able to hate my job anymore

Any chronic complainers in the house? I’ll raise my hand too. As a recovering chronic complainer, hating my job was apparently nearly a necessity. If there wasn’t something to complain about, it wasn’t worth working there.

Now that I’m creating my own job and get to CHOOSE what I want to work on (what a novel concept!) and who I want to work with, I don’t have much to complain about anymore, though! Sure, there’s the occasional difficult client, but they come and go and then it’s over. No more bosses whose mission is to make everyone’s life miserable; no more hour-long commute with horrible drivers. Nope, life is pretty good now and I no longer have much to complain about. Sigh.


Got any great reasons that you ‘hate’ entrepreneurship too? Post them in the comments!

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