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Want to know the easiest way to write ‘magic’ sales copy? Just read your customers’ minds!

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about becoming a psychic or anything. But there are ways to read your customers’ minds and meet them where they’re at without all that. If you want to increase your sales and customer satisfaction, you should really learn to read their minds…

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What do you need to know about your customers?

Before we start reading minds, we need to dive into your customers’ world a little bit. Here are a few questions to get you started:

What are their needs?

If you don’t know what your customer needs, you can’t serve them well. It’s important to know what’s holding them back, what keeps them up at night, what they’re struggling with. Once you know what they need, you can fill that gap that they may not have even realized they had.

What do they want?

There’s a difference between needs and wants, but that line can often get blurred in our minds. Your customers may need one thing but think they need another. If you can connect these two similar but different desires and present it in a way that resonates with their want but shows them their true need, you’ll be able to reach your customers that much better.

What is their ‘win’?

We all need a win in our lives! What is that win for your customers? Do they win if they feel beautiful? If their friends envy their home because of its decor? Whatever that visceral ‘win’ is for your customer, find it and put it front and center.

A jewelry or apparel designer can create a win by providing a wearable piece of art that makes their customers feel like a million bucks. An interior designer or artist can give their customers a win through beautifying their home so that everyone who visits remembers it. That win is going to change for every target market, but if you can find it, it can make an astounding difference in your bottom line.

What is their ‘villain’?

Just as much as the ‘win,’ you need to identify the ‘villain’ in your customers’ lives. That villain may not be a physical person or thing, either. It’s often a feeling as much as anything.

For the customer who wants to feel beautiful, their villain could be the mainstream market that doesn’t help them stand out and feel gorgeous. If their home is the issue, the villain might be the old furniture or decor that just doesn’t match their vibe and isn’t ‘them’ anymore. Find the villain, pair it with the win, and you have a recipe for success – and mind reading!


Get your customers’ words

Here’s the catch: you may think you know what they’re thinking, but can you put it into their own words? That’s the key to customer mind reading.

Have you ever seen an ad and thought, “Oh my gosh, that’s SO me!” That’s the feeling you want to evoke. You feel like they read your mind with that copy. If you can do that, you’ve hooked your customer.

So how do you do it?

Conduct customer and audience surveys

You can go formal and create survey forms to get started. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, either – a Google Form or Dubsado questionnaire is just fine! Make sure that when you create the survey, the questions aren’t leading, either. That means you want to keep the questions as unbiased as possible so that your audience doesn’t answer the way YOU think they should rather than in their own words.

You can ask yes-or-no or multiple-choice questions to mix things up, but for your important questions, open-ended is always best in this case. You want to get their actual words whenever possible, after all! Giving them a chance to type out their responses (without overwhelming them with too much typing) will get you better results. You can also experiment with your question fields to see what gets the best results.

Ask your customers and audience on social media

This is a step down on the formal ladder from surveys. It’s essentially an informal survey to get the same types of responses. Typically you’ll be best served by asking one question at a time. You can split up the survey questions into individual social media posts and if you want to take it a step further, you could even let folks know that if they want to help you out even more, they can complete the full survey and then provide the link to it. When you post your questions, it’s okay to let your audience know that this is informal market research to help you better serve them, too!

Reach out to your customers and audience

If you know a few of your ‘perfect’ customers, this is my favorite research method. Get in touch with those folks who you would love to work with (or who were a joy to work with in the past) or who you know would love your product and ask them if they’d like to sit down for coffee (or tea or whatever). They don’t have to be local; just set up a video chat and if you want to go a step further, send them a gift card so they really can get coffee if they want – it never hurts to get extra brownie points!

When you sit down with them to chat, don’t get too formal, but try to ask some of the same questions that you ask in your survey (or that you would ask, if you didn’t end up creating a survey). This will often spark further questions, so don’t be afraid to make note of those too! Actually, it’s a great idea to record a video chat and/or take notes as you go (let them know you’re recording, of course). That way, you’ll be able to go back and get their words verbatim later on.


Read your customers’ minds to make the right sales

Now that you’ve collected all of that feedback from your audience, it’s time to start reading their minds! Armed with those words, you can update your sales copy and help your audience see themselves using your product or service. There are a few easy steps to get you there:

1 | Review your audience research

Go back through your surveys, social media comments, and/or one-on-one chat notes. See what people were telling you. Were there common themes? Was there something that surprised you? What stuck out to you? Pluck those types of things out and hold onto them.

2 | Compile their words

What did you hear over and over again? This is what you need to focus in on. If you kept hearing the exact same words repeatedly, that’s your clue. I’m not talking about just common themes here, either – I’m talking about the actual words. Maybe you’ve been calling your audience one thing, but they identify as something else. Maybe there are specific words that they all use to describe their desires. Whatever those words are, they are GOLD. Those are the words that need to go front and center in your sales copy.

3 | Are you meeting their needs?

Maybe in your research process, you realized that your customers are wanting or needing one thing, but you’ve been offering something in a completely different direction! If you aren’t meeting their needs, it’s time to tweak your product or service or to create an entirely new offering. The great thing is that you’ll be equipped with their words and insights before you even start creating or updating that offering, so you’ll be ready to read their minds right from the start!


If you’re struggling with sales, it may just be that you aren’t able to read your customers’ minds. Figure out what you need to know about your customers and then get their own words to communicate that. Take the words they give you and mirror them back. They’ll feel like you read their mind, which you technically did – through reading their words!


Leave a comment with your thoughts on improving your sales copy through active listening! Here are some ideas:

  • What’s your favorite way to gather audience feedback?

  • How are you going to ‘read your customers’ minds’ and how will it change your sales copy?

  • Have you ever felt like a company read your mind and how did it affect your interest in what they were selling?

7+ Easy Ways to Increase Your Sales Results7+ Easy Ways to Increase Your Sales Results
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