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It’s time to amp up YOUR MARKETING

Don’t let marketing or content hold your business back from growing!

Jenn is the real deal. I was coming up against several blocks in my business that I just could not see a way around. My marketing efforts had sputtered out and I was out of ideas. After just one chat with Jenn, I had a list of ideas that I had not even considered before! Plus, she helped me get Google Analytics set up on my website so I could start tracking my numbers.

Knowing where my marketing is paying off the most is helping me get laser-focused on my efforts and really hone in on what is working. Cutting the fat from my budget has been a great bonus to also having so many brilliant ideas to work with. Jenn is amazing; I couldn’t have gotten unstuck without her. She is an invaluable resource!

Samantha Sherwood

Photographer, Samantha Sherwood Photography

Customized Marketing Strategies

Personalized Content and Copy

Unlock Your Reach and Impact!

Amplify Marketing

Marketing can make or break a creative business. You can have the greatest products or services, but if no one knows about them, how can they buy from you?

That’s where Amplify Marketing comes in. You’ll have The CE L.A.B. team on deck to boost your social media and media presence and take your business marketing to the next level. Let’s get your business amplified! Find out more below.

Amplify Content

If content isn’t your strong suit, it can feel like a drag to write even one more blog post or email broadcast. The CE L.A.B. team can take that off your plate – let us give you more time for the things you LOVE doing in your business and give you content that will boost your online presence! Find out more below.

Amplify Marketing

  • Social media strategy
  • Public relations strategy (2 sessions)
  • Social media marketing (add-on)
  • Public speaking coaching (add-on)
  • Presentation speech writing (add-on)
  • Social media advertising (add-on)

Amplify Marketing packages start at $370


Amplify Content

  • Blog content strategy
  • Email campaign strategy
  • Email funnel creation (add-on)
  • Social media content plan (add-on)
  • SEO strategy (add-on)
  • Copywriting (add-on)
  • Email marketing opt-ins (add-on)
  • Editing (add-on)

Amplify Content packages start at $1,000

Create Your Own

CYO Packages:

If you’re not sure what you want or if you need more than the basic Amplify Marketing or Content packages, we’ve got your back!

Get the power of The CE L.A.B. and let’s amplify your business a success!

CYO packages start at $100

Hey, I’m Jenn! I’m the founder of the CE LAB

At the Creative Entrepreneurs LAB, business jargon is translated for you and your fellow creatives. Our philosophy is that you don’t need an MBA to run a business! (Honestly, you don’t even need a college degree at all.)

You can Learn, Amplify, and Build your business to reach your dreams!

The Creative Entrepreneurs L.A.B.