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Welcome to the Accelerate Your Creative Biz Virtual Summit! I’m honored that you’ll be joining us as a speaker for the summit and I’m excited for what you’ll be sharing with the summit attendees. I want to make everything as easy as possible for you, so this speakers’ page is here as your guide. If you have any questions that I don’t cover on this page, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected], though, or post in the AYCB Speakers’ Facebook group! My goal is for this to be a great experience and you’re probably not the only person with that same question. 😉

Okay, so, first things first: the AYCB Summit is intended for creative entrepreneurs (i.e. artists, photographers, designers, makers, etc.). While a lot of the information you and the other speakers will be sharing could be used by most entrepreneurs, we want this summit to be a bit different. The creative entrepreneurs who’ll be attending the summit want to hear about business strategies and tools specifically for them because they feel like they usually have to translate general business principles to fit their creative brainwaves.

We want to do the translation of left-brain business for right-brain creativeness FOR them! 😇

Onto the logisitics! Don’t forget to join the speakers’ Facebook group* because I’ll be introducing new speakers (including you!) as they join the summit and that’s your chance to greet friends and make new ones. Since you’ll all be added to the Thriving Creatives LAB membership group as well, you’ll see the other speakers around in there and the speakers’ group is a great way to get plugged into the community that’ll be forming around the summit. 😃

The rest of this page will have all the details you need for the summit. It’ll include the speaker’s checklist, what you can expect from the summit, presentation details, scheduling your session slot, and marketing assets and affiliate sign-up information. If there’s anything missing, don’t forget to email me at [email protected]. Now, let’s get started!

It can seem like there’s a lot to do when you’re prepping to speak at a virtual summit, but it’s not too bad, I promise. I’ve broken it all down into a simple checklist so that you know exactly when things need to happen. You can print it out and add it to your planner or calendar so you’re able to stay on top of things. Easy peasy!

The main things I’ll need you to do are:
– Record and upload your session video
– Upload whatever bonus(es) you’d like to share with the attendees
– Schedule your session time slot
– Sign up for your affiliate account
– Market the summit so that your audience doesn’t miss out!

I’m creating marketing assets that you can use, including graphics and email swipe copy. You can create your own marketing content, though – after all, you know your audience and what they want and need! You can download all of that and find out more about the other to-do’s on the checklist in the following sections.

Don’t forget to download the checklist by clicking the button below!

What to expect when you’re expecting to speak at a virtual summit! Here’s the thing: you won’t be speaking live on video. So if you’re not 100% confident in your video skills, no worries – you can do multiple takes! 😉

That said, it’s incredibly beneficial for attendees to be able to ask a session speaker questions throughout the presentation, so you’ll still be at the live session, just not on video. I know how frustrating it is to try and answer questions while you’re live on video – it can completely derail you sometimes! – so using the chat box will make it easier to engage directly with attendees (and hopefully boost your conversions too!).

Attendees can ask questions directly in the chat box, but to make the most of this engagement opportunity, I recommend you register an account on the chat box client ahead of time (I’ll share the link to your session’s chat box once it’s ready), upload your headshot so your messages are readily identifiable, and have a text intro ready to go so that the attendees recognize you. You can also prepare some bonus tips and questions for the attendees to get the conversation flowing during your session.

To make sure your session goes live at a time you can attend, you’ll be scheduling it a little further down this page. The other speakers will be live at their own sessions as well, so attending the other virtual summit sessions is a great way to support your fellow speakers, make further connections, and hopefully even learn something new! This isn’t a requirement, just a great way to make the most of your experience as a speaker. 😊

Speaking of that, let’s talk about what goes into your virtual summit session…

First things first: all session recordings need to be uploaded by April 6. I’m asking everyone to upload their session videos to a dedicated Google Drive folder. Just click the button below to go to the folder:

Your session should be around 45 minutes long (no longer than 1 hour, though, pretty please!). The sessions will have a break in between them, though attendees may hang around the session chat box for a little while after the video is over to ask more questions. You can let them know what time you’ll be signing out of the chat, but this can be another opportunity to make deeper connections and encourage conversions. (You could let them know you’ll be doing an Ask Me Anything in the Thriving Creatives forums, that you’ll have bonus material in the membership group, etc.)

You are allowed to promote a related upsell at the end of your presentation (e.g. a business analytics course after a Google Analytics session). It should be of benefit to anyone who would be watching your session (e.g. not a fitness product after a Google Analytics session), but I figure you’re a smart cookie and wouldn’t do that anyways. The promotion portion shouldn’t be any longer than 5 minutes (include this in your session time limit, please) and you can reference the button that will be below the video that will link to the upsell.

Remember that each session will be available to the public for 24 hours after it goes live. After that, it will only be available inside of the Thriving Creatives LAB membership. Anyone who joins while the summit is live will have immediate access; anyone who joins after the summit closes will have dripped access to the summit sessions (i.e. limited sessions will be available immediately and then they’ll “unlock” the other sessions).

SIDE NOTE: The best format for your video will be MP4.

Before we wrap this up, you’re probably wondering what your session page will look like! (Click on the button below to check out an example.) We’re not going to go too crazy – we want people focused on your awesome presentation – but the page will include that button for your upsell (and any other session-related downloads or opt-ins), the chat box, and your headshot and bio so people can get to know you. We’ll also link back to your own site and your social media accounts so people can follow you after the session. 😃

A quick note: You are more than welcome to adapt an existing presentation to use for the summit! The replays will be hosted in the membership site, but I’m not going to claim exclusive rights or anything like that. 🙂 You created the presentation and it’s your expertise and experience at work, after all!

Please refer to the email with the link to this page to determine whether you should schedule on the Launch days, Amplify days, or Breakthrough days. Thanks!

If you’re a breakout speaker, you can choose the day that best fits your session topic. At the moment, I’m still scheduling a few folks who are speaking during a specific theme day, so please hold off on scheduling your session until I email you that scheduling is open. Thanks! 🙂

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard! I want to make it easy for you, so you can find some marketing assets through the button below. It’ll lead you to a Google Drive folder with all the things to get you started:

In the Drive folder, you’ll find graphics, social media swipe copy, email swipe copy, and a branding guidelines sheet. You can use any or all (or none!) of the marketing assets provided and you’re welcome to use your own branding rather than the summit branding guidelines.

Some of the graphics have space for you to add your own headshot so that you’re highlighted. After all, your audience wants to see YOU! If there are any graphics that don’t quite work, just let me know (email or in the speakers’ group) and I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

By the way: you’re more than welcome to create your own marketing assets in addition to or instead of the provided assets. Just make sure to use the official or shortened summit title (don’t worry, those are in the branding guidelines sheet!). If you decide to use any of the swipe copy, you’ll want to add your own flair to it, too.

Please make a note that the marketing window for the summit is April 14 to April 30. You can tease the summit to your followers before then, but DON’T share any links because the summit pages won’t be active until the 14th! When the summit marketing window opens, make sure to use your personal link so that you’ll get credit for any conversions during the summit.

Also remember that while you don’t need to send all of the provided emails, you do need to send at least one email during the summit marketing window. You’re also asked to share on social media at least 4 times during the marketing window as well. This is a great chance to highlight your session and any bonuses you’re offering! You know your audience and what they’ll get the most out of from the summit, so I’m excited to see what marketing twists you share!

This is one of the best parts of the Accelerate Your Creative Biz Virtual Summit: as a speaker, every time someone signs up through your affiliate link to get the replays through the Thriving Creatives LAB membership site, you get a 50% affiliate commission. That means that you get a payout every month that they stay signed up – woohoo! 🎉

So the breakdown: after the 24-hour period that each session is live, it’ll be added to the Thriving Creatives library and that will be the only way folks can access it. The membership is currently $29 per month, so each month that your referrals stay in Thriving Creatives LAB, you’ll get $14.50. It’ll be obvious to summit attendees that they’re signing up for a membership site and that they can cancel at any time, too, so no worries – there’s no misleading here.

The replays will be available immediately after their live period to anyone who signs up DURING the summit. After the summit has closed, anyone who signs up for Thriving Creatives LAB will get access to three sessions immediately after they sign up and then the remaining sessions will be dripped out over the next two months (so they have to stay a member for two months to get access to the full summit). It’s the equivalent of increasing the price of a one-time summit access fee, essentially. The idea is that they’ll love the Thriving Creatives community so much that they never want to leave, though!


Okay, details about how you’ll get paid, because that’s what you really want to know, right? You’ll receive a payout on the 1st of the month. Payouts are sent via PayPal or bank transfer and referrals are eligible for payout 30 days after the payment is made (just in case the charge is denied by their credit card or they’re otherwise refunded).

BONUS: we’re running a fun affiliate contest during the summit! We’ll track (and post) the affiliate leaderboard and the top affiliate at the end will receive a prize.

We’re also creating a Bonus Toolkit that will only be available to summit attendees who join Thriving Creatives and I’d love to include you in it! Adding a bonus of your own to the Toolkit encourages your audience to join and can increase your conversions. It also gives you some variety in your marketing messaging and you can tease that you’re adding something to the Bonus Toolkit and share the details in the last day or two of the summit.

If you want to be part of the Toolkit but aren’t sure what to share, here are some ideas:
– Pre-made design packs
– Stock photography
– Service discounts
– A digital product
– A video class or webinar

You don’t have to create something new for your bonus, either – you’re welcome to include something you’ve created in the past! Participating in the Bonus Toolkit isn’t requred as a speaker, but it can definitely be a great way to boost those conversions.

One more quick note: if you’re planning to participate in the Toolkit offering, the deadline for submitting your bonus is April 6. That ensures that everyone will know what’s in the Toolkit and can include that info in their marketing efforts. 😊 

The Accelerate Your Creative Biz Virtual Summit has a public Facebook group that attendees will be part of, but the exclusive speakers’ group on the Thriving Creatives forums is where you’ll be able to go to chat with the other speakers, share your strategies, and make deeper networking connections! Speakers from future summits will be added to the group as well, so it’s going to be a great place to make new friends and stay connected.

The speakers’ group is also where I’ll be sharing details about the summit development, answering questions, and just chatting with you guys! It’s going to be a fun group to be in.

You’re also invited to join the general summit Facebook group. As a speaker, you’re allowed to go live in the group once during the summit marketing window as well as once during the summit week to share tips related to your session topic to get attendees excited to join your session when it goes live. To go live in the group, you’ll just need to snag one of the days/times available in the stick thread in the speakers’ group. You’re welcome to briefly share your affiliate link at the end of your Facebook Live, as well.

I can’t wait to get to know you over in the speakers’ group! 😃 👋

The Creative Entrepreneurs L.A.B.